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State TV: Government Body Is Responsible for the Earthquake

On May 14, 2008, on an English Channel of the State’s China Central TV (CCTV9), the host (Yang Ri) interviewed over the telephone Mr. Chen Yiwen from the State’s China Geophysical Society Natural Disaster Forecast Committee. The interview was broadcast live. Mr. Chen said in English that the China Seismological Bureau bears “unshirkable responsibility” for the casualties of the earthquake. He stated that on May 3, 2008 he himself sent a document to the China Seismological Bureau forecasting a major earthquake in the Wenchuan region. He further stated that in the past three years, his Natural Disaster Forecast Committee had issued three mid-term forecasts to the China Seismological Bureau predicting major earthquakes in the Wenchuan region. Predictions of Chinese earthquake experts were accurate on the timing and location but missed the magnitude.

Source: Boxun, May 21, 2008