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BBC: Yu Qiuyu Says What the Communist Party Wants but Does Not Dare to Say

China’s distinguished writer Yu Qiuyu wrote an article titled “advice to the students’ parents with tears,” asking the parents who lost their children in the earthquake to quit petitioning so as not to be used by overseas anti-China forces. Following the earthquake, lots of attention have been focused on demanding an investigation of the substandard construction of schools. Yu says in his article that the students’ parents are very emotional. Therefore, those media that could not find anti-China excuses started once again anti-China propaganda. The article caused an up-roar among the Internet users who felt it inappropriate. However, China’s Information Office of the State Council required major websites to post the article, while deleting related discussion massages.

Source: BBC, June 8, 2008; Boxun, June 7, 2008