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Olympics Security Driving People Out of Beijing – Example

As the Olympics is approaching, Beijing authorities has set up schemes that trap those who come to appeal in Beijing, reported Ming Pao on July 24, 2008 of the story from a reader, Mr. Fan Dingxian. 

Fan, a 68 year old retiree from Chongqing, Sichuan, waited for 4 hours before he was interviewed by a staff at the State Petition Bureau in Beijing. He complained about insufficient pension. He was then escorted into an enclosed area in the back of the government building, where armed police surrounded four to five hundreds of people like Fan. An officer announced that all must be on board the government chartered buses heading out of Beijing. Fan refused to go on board and was beaten black and blue.  In the end police carried him on board the bus. It was only after he attempted suicide that he was finally released outside Beijing.

Source: Ming Pao, July 24, 2008