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Photos from Beijing Street: Security Warnings and an Olympic Traffic Lane

Boxun posted a group of photos from Beijing.

One photo of a poster contains warnings to residents of the 7th district living in the apartment complex of Chinese Academy of Sciences. The photo caption states that the 7th district apartment complex is located across the street from Beijing’s National Stadium [Bird’s Nest]. Through the east side windows, residents will be able to observe the VIPs pass as they enter the stadium.  The poster reads: “On August 2, 5, 8, 24, residents in the 7th district must bring your photo ID with you. For residents with windows on the east side of the building, do not open the windows. Stay away from those windows to avoid unnecessary misunderstandings.”

Another photo displayed an Olympic designated traffic lane.  It took space from the regular traffic which has been ordered to be reduced to half of the regular volume. Traffic violators will be imposed with a warning and fines.

Source: Boxun, August, 5, 2008