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Develop the Capability to Enforce China’s Ocean and Sea Sovereignty

China Review News reported that Chen Qing, Deputy President of the Union for Media Communication in Macao, gave the keynote speech at a conference on ocean and sea sovereignty and on the Chinese nation’s resurrection. In his speech, Chen discussed the development of the advanced ocean and sea sovereignty concept.

Chen proposed that the oceanic and sea defense strategy should change from active offshore defense to deep water military control. The People’s Liberation Army (PLA) should expand its reach to the West Pacific, Australia, and Africa. The PLA should also re-organize its space combat force, network combat force, missile combat force, and remote air and sea attack force so they are placed along the transportation routes that are critical to China. China must have the ability to control and to break other’s control of the ocean channels used for its food and energy supplies.

For the near-sea strategy, China must first subdue Japan, Vietnam, and the Philippines. It should calm the U.S. and maintain a good relationship with the European Union to cut off its support for its near-sea rivals. It should also occupy key water paths to break the island chain blockade.

Source: China Review News, August 24, 2014