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No Protest Permits Issued During the Beijing Olympics

The Beijing Public Security Bureau admitted in a press interview that it has not issued protest permits to anyone since August, Xinhua reported.  Of the 77 applications, “74 were voluntarily withdrawn,” 2 had “incomplete documentation” and 1 was rejected according to the law.

Since August, the Beijing Public Security Bureau has received 77 applications (149 persons), of which 74 applications (146 persons) were from Chinese residents while 3 applications (3 persons) were from people residing outside China.   In addition, the authorities received 22 inquiries (24 persons) about matters of protest permits, 13 (14 persons) from Chinese residents and 9 (10 persons) from residents outside China.
According to Chinese law, one must apply for a permit before taking to the streets. 

Source: Xinhua, August 18, 2008