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Villagers Beaten and Arrested During Land Seizure Fight

On September 22, a few hundred officers dispatched by City of Guilin (Guangxi Province) Police Department and City Management Administration together with jobless residents hired by the Guilin City Zhang Tai Land Development Corporation went into Chuan Shan Village in Qi Xing District and used force to build a fence so they could seize a piece land. The entire village fought back. According to the villagers, their land was sold to Zhang Tai without their knowledge and their dispute for compensation has not been settled. Dozens of villagers were injured during the fight and two villagers were hospitalized.

On September 23 and 24, police officers blocked the entrance to the village and started to arrest villagers. One villager who fled to another village disclosed that over a dozen villagers have been arrested so far. Only those who signed the agreement to accept land compensation from the city can be released.

The article also shows photos of injured villagers and a video of the events.

Source: Boxun, September 27, 2008