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First Lawsuit Filed Against Sanlu Toxic Milk Power Producer

Parents of Xiao Tao, a one-year old victim of melamine-contaminated milk powder, have filed a lawsuit against Sanlu for 150, 000 RMB in damages.  Xiao Tao was taking Sanlu milk power ever since he was born in July 2007.  He has been hospitalized in Beijing in serious condition with his kidney, bladder and ureters filled with stones.  His attorney, Mr. Ji Chen from Beijing’s Heng De Law Group, has collected over 90 emptied packages of Sanlu milk powder from Xiao Tao’s home.  Mr. Ji indicated that the final amount of damages sought will be much higher.  On September 22 the family received notice from Henan Zhenping People’s Court acknowledging the filing of the complaint.

Source: Beijing Youth, September 26, 2008