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Over Ten Thousand Citizens Flared up in a Mass Conflicts with the Police

On October 20, a mass incident took place at Su Yu Middle School in Su Qian City of Jiangsu Province. It involved over ten thousand local citizens against one hundred policemen. The cause was on a student who committed suicide because he was frequently subjected to physical punishment by school teachers. The parents went to school to request a resolution. But the school called the police who then used the force to beat up the victim’s family members.

Over ten thousand citizens were at the scene. People were flared up over the beating and started to beat the policemen, turn over the police vehicles and eventually chase the police away. The news is tightly blocked by the City of Su Qian and no media is allowed at the scene.

The related internet postings were circulating widely among the websites in mainland and quickly picked by overseas Chinese websites. But most of the postings in mainland have been taken down since.

Source: Various Chinese websites in China and US, October 24