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Xinhua Rebuts Charter 08; 95 Percent of Comments “Harmonized”

Xinhua published an article on December 12 to state that the Chinese Communist Party is trying hard to resist the law of the rise and fall of political power by persisting in reform and opening-up. It is observed that the article was meant as rebuttal to the Charter 08 that pushes for more freedom. As of December 14, 2008, Chinese citizens left 5,054 comments on the Xinhua article at Soho viewers bulletin. Only 227 of them, which are in support of the Xinhua article, are available for viewing. According to analysts, the remaining 95% comments have been “harmonized” by China’s Internet authorities because the comments did not follow the Party line.

Source: Chinascope original
Participation (Canyu), December 13, 2008
Xinhua, December 12, 2008