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PLA Issues “Opinion on Nurturing the Fighting Spirit”

On September 11, after the Chairman of the Central Military Commission (CMC) Xi Jinping approved it, the People’s Liberation Army’s (PLA) General Political Department (GPD) issued the "Opinion on Nurturing the Fighting Spirit." The Opinion asked to implement CMC Chairman Xi Jinping’s instructions, to further promote the nurturing of the fighting spirit, and to make arrangements for a long-term mechanism. 
The Opinion stated that nurturing the fighting spirit is an important part of building combat capacity and the basic work and eternal subject for forging troops that can win the war. … Nurturing the fighting spirit under the new situation is about educating and guiding the officers and soldiers so that they inherit and carry forward their dauntless and heroic spirit and courageous fighting style. They will have the strong confidence and courage to defy the enemy and fight for victory in an era of information. They will also have a strong awareness of combat readiness so that the troops can be called upon immediately to fight and to be able to win. Officers at all levels should fully understand the importance and urgency of nurturing the fighting spirit and effectively making it a strategic initiative for building a strong army and being ready for combat.
Source: Xinhua, September 11, 2014