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Author of “Losing the New China” Denied Visa for Exposing CCP’s Brutality

During an interview, the author of the book "Losing the New China," Ethan Gutmann,  shared his view on Falun Gong’s "protest" outside of the Chinese central government compound, Zhongnanhai, 10 years ago.  Gutmann said that after an in-depth investigation and many personal interviews,  he had concluded that the "4/25 incident" was a setup by the Communist Chinese leader at the time, involving the intentional misrepresentation of Falun Gong practitioners’ actions to present grievances legally and openly at the Court of Appeals (near Zhongnanhai). He affirmed that the 4/25 incident was "just an excuse" on the part of the Chinese Communist Party leader at the time, and that the Falun Gong practitioners had fallen into a trap orchestrated by the Party used to justify a persecution that was already in the making. Subsequent investigation by Gutmann revealed that over the years, many Falun Gong practitioners have been killed as a result of the persecution as well as killed for their organs.  He believes that the death toll has very possibly reached beyond 100,000, of which about 10,000 have been used for organ transplants. 

Gutmann has been recently denied a visa into China.

Source: Epoch Times, April 17, 2009