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State Media Rebuts Western Media Coverage of the Xinjiang Riot

The state media has issued a number of rebuttal articles expressing dissatisfaction with western media coverage of the “July 5 incident” in Xinjiang.

Beijing Daily said the western media’s reporting on the “July 5 incident carries double standard.” It labels the words “peaceful demonstration,” “discriminating ethnic policy,” and “violent suppression” as “biased.” It states that the western media were “wearing tinted glasses” to mislead their readers and audiences in the west. It said that some have “used distorted facts which favor the violent party and hence they lost their basic professional moral standard.”

Global Times said that the western media were trying to intensify ethnic conflicts with “ill intentions to split the nation.” It asked all parties to ignore the “noise and firmly stick to domestic rules and laws (established by the Party).”

Source: China News, July 12, 2009