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Defense Minister: Improve National Defense Emergency Response Capability

Liang Guanglie, Defense Minister, recently spoke at the National Defense Mobilization Commission of the Chendu Military Area Command. He stressed that all should hold high the banner of socialism with Chinese characteristics, persist in relying on the theories by Deng Xiaoping and the “Three Represents” for guidance, further follow through the Scientific Outlook on Development, actively promote national defense mobilization development and be ready to give their all in the work to ensure the safety and stability of national security.

As Liang warned of the rising new non-conventional challenges facing the national defense mobilization work, he also called for all levels to quickly adjust to the challenges. Liang addressed the importance of the geographically strategic location of the southwest region, which is often loaded with military defense preparation tasks. He advised all levels to review their experiences in earthquake relief work from Wenchuan, Sichuan Province and improve defense capabilities.

Source: Global Times, August 29, 2009