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Zhou Yongkang: Maintaining Stability in the Capital is the Most Overriding Political Task

Zhou Yongkang, a Political Bureau Standing Committee member of the CCP Central Committee and the secretary of the Central Political and Law Commission presided over a meeting in Beijing on maintaining stability on September 12, 2009, according to Xinhua.

He stressed that maintaining stability in the capital is the current most overriding political task. Beijing must apply the successful security experience during the Olympic Games period by mobilizing the masses to form a security network named as the “coordination of experts and the masses” and the “united defense of the police and the ordinary people” so as to have a people’s war for national security during the National Day Celebration. To ensure the safety of the military parade, the mass celebration gathering, and other major events on National Day in Beijing, a “Moat” project is launched to use all the neighboring regions, cities and provinces around Beijing as the first check point for any people to come to the capital city. The whole country must support maintaining stability in the capital.

Maintaining the stability in Xinjiang remains the most important task. In Tibet and other Tibetan areas, the focus is on the strengthening the education of the monks and management of the monasteries.

Source: Southern Metropolis Daily, September 13, 2009