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China News Agency: Beijing Applies New High Tech Devices to Protect the National Day

A series of “new high tech devices” used for security purposes are ready to be running to protect the celebration of the National Day according to China News Agency on September 18, 2009.

Starting from September 20, an access system using facial recognition technology will be turned on at Beijing Capital International Airport. Such a system can recognize an inspected passenger’s facial features and verify his/her identity within one second by comparing with the data in the database.

Starting from September 22, Beijing will use a traffic warning system for the first time in the crowded Beijing downtown, Xidan. This system can predict whether the flow of passengers will reach the alert level in the next 10 minutes, which can monitor any non-regular gatherings and other abnormal behavior.

At the same time, Beijing Electric Power Corporation has installed a wireless monitoring system called “electronic eyes” on the high-voltage electric transmission lines. The “electric eyes” will immediately alarm the police through wireless communication once the top of a large vehicle is not in the safe distance away from the electric lines.

During the National Day period, a light-emitting monitoring device will be installed to monitor any large machinery movements in the surrounding areas all day round.

From October 2nd to 8th, a command center will be set up on Tiananmen Square to monitor the whole square around the clock. Anything happening on Tiananmen Square will be displayed on a big screen in the command center through electronic eyes and GPS satellite positioning equipment. If a dispute arises, the staff can rush to the scene within 10 minutes.

Source: China News Agency, September 18, 2009