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Xinhua: Beijing Police Strengthen Control with the Approach of National Day

Summary of article found on Xinhua:

With the approach of the National Day Celebration, Beijing police preventive control measures are gradually strengthening. Pedestrians experience road closures; drivers encounter the limitation of vehicle numbers on the road; passengers “enjoy” “luggage checks” whenever carrying a bag, etc. What makes Beijing residents complain more are the frequent traffic restrictions and subway outages without being notified on time, which cause inconveniences and troubles for the city residents’ outdoor activities. More and more community police, traffic police, and armed police are on the Beijing streets. They have increased patrol times and intensity, which leads to more visibility of the police and police patrols having wider coverage. The inspections and searches in Internet cafes, game rooms, beauty shops, dance halls, hotels, and inns are thus more frequent and thorough. Security on National Day is very important. Under the present circumstances, we need to particularly prevent the activities of "East Turkistan," "Tibet Independents," and "Falun Gong."

Source: Xinhua, September 07, 2009