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Li Changchun Speaks at the 80th Anniversary of Xinhua

On November 7, Li Changchun, the Propaganda Chief of the Chinese Communist Party and the 5th ranked member of the Politburo, spoke at the 80th anniversary of China’s state-run media, Xinhua News Agency. Li called on Xinhua to develop China’s national and global influence, “Under the new historical conditions, whether (you can) truthfully and accurately report the news, correctly and effectively guide public opinion, and analyze and explain while removing doubts, matters for the fundamental interest of the people, matters for the Party’s ruling position, and matters for the long term stability of the country.”

Li advised, “Further strengthen the news coverage of major emergencies, improve the reporting of emergency responses and the mechanism for guiding public opinion, and strive to be the first in time and right on the spot to release authoritative information at home and abroad.”

Li also asked for Xinhua to develop its abilities in international broadcasting. “Improve the means and methods of international and foreign reporting, go deep into the front line of international news, do more live coverage, use more formats and more languages that foreign audiences easily accept, and issue a more authoritative voice so as to embody our views and express common concerns at the same time. … Actively advance the development of CNTV, vigorously implement the ‘localization’ strategy, increase the amount of news collected, improve the quality of production, and constantly expand both coverage and influence.”

Source: Xinhua, November 9, 2011