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Meng Jianzhu: Sustain Rapid Economic Development and Maintain a Harmonious Society

According to Xinhua news, 150,000 comprehensive social management cadres from municipal, county, township, and neighborhood levels participated in a 3-day national teleconference training. At the end of the training, on December 22, 2009, Meng Jianzhu, State Councilor and deputy director of the Party Central Committee for Comprehensive Society Management, gave a speech.

Meng pointed out that China is currently in an important strategic period of opportunity for social and economic development and of social contradictions. It is an arduous task to sustain stable and rapid economic growth and maintain a harmonious society at the same time. Therefore, the Party committees, the local governments, and the comprehensive social management departments at all levels must take more forceful measures to create a stronger cadre team that is firm in its political stance and competent in its work.

Source: Xinhua, December 22, 2009