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China’s Security Czar on Societal Control

The Qiushi journal, the official periodical of the Chinese Communist Party’s Central Committee, featured an article by Zhou Yongkang, a Politburo member and the nation’s security czar. The article, signaling serious social instability and problems within the public security authority, was from his speech at a conference of public security officials last year. The speech was carried by major official media. 

“In accordance with the requirements of early discovery, early reporting, and early disposal, the police officers should go deep into the grass-roots and the masses to understand demands and resolve problems. Establish an effective early-warning and emergency response mechanism to ensure resolving the conflicts and problems on time and on the site.” 
“Beginning in 2010, provincial and municipal judicial authorities shall conduct rotational trainings for all grass-roots leadership officials in police stations, the police corps, and the courts. Form a system and do it over the long term.”
Source: Qiushi, February 16, 2010