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Outlook Weekly: Trends of Social Unrest in 2010

China will face tougher and more complex social unrest in 2010, says Outlook, a weekly magazine under Xinhua. In the past several years, social unrest has centered on issues of rural land use, the demolition of urban housing, state-owned enterprise reform, military discharges and retirement, and lawsuits. But 2009 saw intensive social unrest over welfare benefits, medical malpractice, unemployment, environmental pollution, workplace accidents, civil disputes, and investment fraud. Incidents tend to involve large crowds from multiple segments of the public and from extended geographic areas. Protests have accelerated to surrounding Party and government buildings and blocking traffic. Further, “instigators of most of the mass group events use the Internet and mobile phone text messages to contact and organize. This approach has the characteristics of a wide range of provocation, strong appeal, no warning signs, easy and quick gathering of people who have no direct interest, and so on.”

Source: Outlook Weekly, March 7, 2010