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People’s Daily: Internet Erodes China’s Sovereignty

People’s Daily published a commentary stating that the Internet has weakened the state’s control of information. “Through its open platform, the Internet is eroding state sovereignty. … The bar for individuals to use Internet is extremely low due to its openness. Basically, anyone can engage in communication on an equal platform. … In the political arena, someone can spread things on the Internet using audiovisuals, advertisements, games, speeches, or online work products that threaten or potentially threaten the state’s regime, all of which influences the thinking and behavior of Internet users. This type of infiltration is long-term and subtle. It can gradually replace Internet users’ original ideals and values with various political principles that the Internet media advocate.”

The commentary concluded that, because of the Internet, the state is no longer the only source of information, thus weakening the state’s control over information. The information boundary is no longer the same as the border of the national territory.

Source: People’s Daily, February 2, 2012