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Credibility Crisis in China Deeps

Zhou Dongfei, a senior columnist published in the State’s International Herald Leader that the current Chinese society not only lacks credibility, but also that the very mechanism to maintain trust is losing credibility. In China people don’t trust milk powder because of the frequent reports of melamine problems; they do not trust vaccines due to adulterations in the production process; they would rather deliver water to those in draught areas and clothes to those in disasters than donate cash. “However, after a large number of incidents of dishonesty occurred and were not corrected as society expected, the mechanism to maintain trust has lost credibility. In the current Chinese society, people have lost trust because fundamentally the mechanism safeguarding that trust has broken down and suffers from a loss of public trust. If this situation continues to deteriorate, the result can only be the loss of public confidence.”

Source: International Herald Leader, May 4, 2010