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Asia Weekly: China Forbids Media from Investigating the Reasons for the Child Killings

Asia Weekly (Yazhou Zhoukan) published an article on May 7, 2010, regarding the multiple murders of children in Mainland China’s preschools and elementary schools.

“Within just over a month, there were six consecutive killings targeting children, done by different perpetrators in different locations,” said the article. According to the article, the media across China received an order from China’s propaganda authorities, requiring that all media “report the news following the released sample news.” They are “not to send reporters to conduct interviews”; “not to give any comments”; “not to provide relevant news links”; and only major media are allowed to report the news. 
The article said that one killer was executed within a month (of the murders). No one had been allowed to approach him or his family members.

Source: Asia Weekly, May 7, 2010