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Zhou Xiaoyun: Frequent Suicides at Foxconn û the Bankruptcy of the Chinese Model

On May 26, 2010, reprinted Zhou Xiaoyun’s blog article on the suicides at Foxconn:

“Why do Foxconn employees keep jumping off of buildings? The reason is the business form at Foxconn, i.e., an original equipment manufacturer that manufactures products or components that are purchased by another company. Foxconn only gets profits of 3%. In order to maintain the profit of 3%, the company shifts the pressure onto every employee, whose private life is completely taken away.”

“In fact, China’s rapid development, the “China Model,” is an economic model with limited human rights, low wages, low land prices, exploitation of the peasants and migrant workers, high pollution, high carbon emissions and high energy consumption. Foxconn is a typical example of the “China Model,” the development of which cannot be sustained and will eventually lead to bankruptcy.”

Source:, May 26, 2010