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Huashang Daily: Forced Evictions Bring Shareholders up to 400% Profit

On June 18, 2010, Huashang Daily published an article by Liu Xuetao exposing the inside operations and stories of forced evictions in China.

Several demolition company shareholders told the Huashang reporter that a demolition project makes a 100% to 400% profit for each shareholder. Within a few months, millions of yuan come in, half of which must be paid to government officials ahead of time. Demolition project shareholders include government officials, referees, village cadres and even thugs from black societies.

“All the expenses arising from forced evictions such as from residents being killed or wounded and things being damaged must be paid by the developer while the government plays the role of negotiator. The average payment for one person who is killed is over 100,000 Chinese yuan (14646.65 U.S. dollars).”

 Source: Huashang Daily, June 18, 2010