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Wang Anshun: Organize the Masses to Patrol Beijing 24 Hours a Day

On June 23, 2010, published an article by Wang Anshun regarding “mass prevention and mass control work” in Beijing. This means organizing residents to guard and patrol Beijing so as to guarantee social stability in Beijing. Wang is Deputy Secretary of the Beijing Municipal CPC Committee and Secretary of the Beijing Politics and Law Committee.

According to Wang, Beijing has built up a “mass prevention and mass control” network covering the whole city. During the 2008 Beijing Olympics and the 2009 National Day period, over one million people were mobilized to guard and patrol the bus stops, busy areas, village entrances, road junctions, bridges, and roads, etc. Wang said that members of the “mass prevention and mass control” teams must be registered with their real names to ensure that each job is watched, controlled and done. The city must be patrolled 24 hours a day.

Source:, June 23, 2010