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Wang Lequan: Keep Small Disputes within a Street and Big Disputes within a District

According to the PRC (People’s Republic of China) Ministry of Public Security on July 16, 2010, Wang Lequan, member of the CCP (Chinese Communist Party) Central Committee of the Politburo, deputy chair of the Political and Legislative Affairs Committee, and deputy director of the Social Order Comprehensive Management Committee, was in Tianjin from July 14 to 15 promoting innovation in social management.

Wang emphasized that “we must guide, serve and manage all the newly established economic and social organizations, so as to ensure their development in a healthy direction. Pay immediate attention to early signs of unrest. To the greatest extent possible, resolve disputes at the grassroots level and at the initial stage. … Make an effort to keep small disputes within a street and big disputes within a district. …”

Source: The PRC Ministry of Public Security, July 16, 2010