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Zhou Yongkang Toured Beijing to Investigate Strengthened Security

On November 12, 2010, China’s Ministry of the Public Security’s website reported that, on November 9, Zhou Yongkang, the head of China’s Central Political and Legislative Committee, toured Beijing to investigate stability work being done there.

Zhou was very pleased to see strengthened security measures everywhere. Baimiao Village (for example) has implemented community-based management. It has village walls, street gates, guard pavilions, and street surveillance cameras. A 45-person security patrol team guards the village; 36 surveillance cameras with full-time staff on duty 24 hours a day monitors it. The village is also directly connected with a police station. 

“The stability of the capital is related to national stability as the whole,” Zhou said on the Beijing Municipal Forum on the afternoon after the tour.

Source: The Ministry of the Public Security of the PRC, November 12, 2010