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Study Times: A National Internet Forces Development Strategy is Needed

The Chinese Communist Party’s Central Party School’s magazine, Study Times, published an article on the importance of establishing China’s National Internet Forces. The article called for a strategic level focus on national information security. The author expressed the belief that it is critically important to enhance the research on “information warfare” methodologies as well to maximize the effectiveness of existing “information weaponry.” The article laid out four points to initiate the program: (1) enhancing and empowering the national information security organizations; (2) establishing a national information security monitoring and alerting system; (3) perfecting the information security management and administrative system; (4) strengthening international exchanges and cooperation. The article suggested that in the field of modern information security, the lines between allies and enemies are blurred and dynamic. Therefore, working with countries that use the leading information technology is a must.

Source: Study Times, February 23, 2012