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Girl’s Death Sparked Unrest in Guizhou Province

Over 10,000 people gathered in front of the local police station and government buildings in Weng’an County in southwest Guizhou province Saturday, June 28, to vent anger towards the local government’s cover up of an alleged rape and murder of a female student. Angry crowd torched the police station, county government building, and Civil Affairs Bureau building. 1500 anti-riot police arrived on Sunday morning and used tear gas and high voltage baton at the scene. It was reported that at least three people died, 200 people arrested including 30 middle school students, and 150 injured.

The victim, Li Shufen, was a student from Weng’an County No. 3 High School. She was found dead in a river around midnight on June 21. After the reports from the medical examiner concluding the death as “suicide,” Li’s uncle went to the county party committee to appeal but was beaten to death. Three suspects were said to be connected to the local government authority and were released within 8 hours.

Source: The Epoch Times, June 30, 2008