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37 Karaoke Songs Blacklisted Due to Forbidden Contents

Recently, an entertainment karaoke TV venue in Wenzhou City, Zhejiang Province, banned a list of 37 karaoke songs, mostly from Taiwan and Hong Kong. The ban triggered a widespread outcry from Chinese netizens. 

In response to inquires in the aftermath of the event, the Ministry of Culture issued a notice in support of the ban, citing the “Regulation on the Administration of Entertainment Venues” issued by the State Council. Articles 13 and 18 of the Regulation prohibit “activities in entertainment venues that contain content banned by the Regulations.” “Song lyrics, TV pictures, and electronic games should not contain content banned by article 13 of the Regulation.” “The music selection system used in entertainment venues should not connect to an overseas music database.”

Source: People’s Daily, April 22, 2011