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Why Wealthy Chinese Citizens Emigrate

According to an Economic Observer article, there are two reasons why wealthy Chinese people choose to move to countries such as the United States and Canada: One, living standards, including education, welfare benefits, lower taxes, clean air, a stable investment environment, and healthy food. Two, a knot in their hearts related to concerns for personal safety, wealth security, and a lack of confidence in the future. “Many rich people are in a vile environment, where if they do not do evil, they cannot survive, so they have to do evil. As they continue to do evil, they fear that one day they will be caught and lose everything. Hence they choose to leave home and start over again in a different country. However, their departure has left the society with an empty hole: they left because of dissatisfaction with society and yet their departure has generated a lot of resentment toward them.”

Source: Economic Observer, April 22, 2011