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Red Culture Finds Its Way into Chinese Prisons

China’s megacity of Chongging, famous for spearheading the promotion and renewal of the old-style communist culture from the 1960’s and 1970’s, is now moving the campaign into prisons. As Chongqing Daily reported on May 11, 2011, Liu Guanglei, a top CCP official in the city, visited several local prisons to evaluate the progress of the program to introduce “red culture into the prisons and detention centers.” The officials believe the program is “capable of having a powerful re-education effect on the detainees.” 

Prison detainees were reported singing “red” songs and reciting “red” poems. According to Liu, “In the past, re-education through labor focused on physical labor. It is now necessary to adopt a wide-range of re-education tactics, with ideological transformation being the most important.” He also suggested incorporating the prisoners’ participation in “red cultural” activities into their performance ratings and using it as a measure to determine “awards, term reductions, or release on parole.”

Source:website of Chongqing Daily, May 13, 2011