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Ministry of Health Issues Emergency Response Plan on Poisoning Incidents

On May 20, 2011, the Ministry of Health issued an “Emergency Response Plan on Poisoning Incidents.” The plan’s purpose is to “effectively control sudden incidents of poisoning and any damage they may cause, and to minimize the hazardous impact on public health.” 

The plan requires that all levels of the health authorities be equipped with emergency response equipment, schedule periodic professional trainings and drills, and establish an expert team that can issue warnings, recommend preparation, assess the severity of incidents, and advise on response measures. The plan also classifies the poisoning incidents by the extent and scope of the damage, and calls for setting up a real time monitoring and reporting mechanism. Health authorities at county-and-above levels are required to carry out a risk assessment of the damages that poisonous materials and poisoning incidents cause to public health .

Source: Xinhua, May 20, 2011