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Chinese Court To Harshly Punish Criminals Extremely Hostile to the State and Society

The Vice President of China’s Supreme People’s Court, Zhang Jun, recently said in a training session that the “People’s Court should accurately apply the relevant articles in Amendment VIII to the Criminal Law. … (It should) heavily sentence those who should be handed a heavy sentence according to law; and show no mercy in death sentence cases with immediate execution according to law.” The crimes subject to harsh punishment include “crimes that seriously endanger the social order and people’s lives and property such as endangering state security, organized terrorist crimes, and ‘evil’ forces’ crimes, especially those criminals who are extremely hostile to the state and society, who do not target any particular person or population, and who have committed particularly serious offenses.” 

Scholars in the overseas Chinese community have voiced concern over what Zhang meant by “criminals who are extremely hostile to the state and society,” and “any particular person or population,” and anticipate a new round of crackdowns as domestic social conflicts escalate.
Source: Legal Daily, June 13, 2011.
The Epoch Times, June 15, 2011.