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Tight Security at Universiade 2011

The 2011 Summer Universiade is under way in Shenzhen, China. The government arranged highly tightened security for the event. For the opening ceremony, 500 families near the stadium were prohibited from staying home. They were required to leave their houses for 5 hours – for security reasons. Meanwhile, they had to leave their lights on – so the area would be well-lit for better views. If the home owners refused to leave, security officers would stay in their homes for that period. The government also established three areas in Shenzhen for security inspections. Hundreds of security inspection stations were established to allow civil-military joint checks on vehicles arriving from nearby towns and provinces. Regular helicopter patrols were scheduled and all purchases of cooking knives required the registration of the buyer’s real name. Shenzhen international airport was closed during the opening and closing ceremonies.

Source: NetEase, August 15, 2011