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Anxiety Attacks Spread Widely among the Chinese People

People’s Daily Oversea’s Edition reported that the mental disorder that is of greatest concern to the Chinese people is anxiety attacks.

On October 10, 2011, World Mental Health Day, people who stopped by the mental health booth that had been set up west of the Birds’ Nest in Beijing asked the most questions about anxiety. In Shanghai, a survey conducted among 1,000 families concluded that anxiety has become their greatest concern. Jia Xiaobo, a psychologist from the Xinfan Psychological Counseling Center disclosed that 70% of all of his patients suffered from anxiety, stress, and depression. In the meantime, anxiety is attacking those peasant workers who have found themselves fighting for survival in the cities, facing an uncertain future, living far from home, and incapable of taking care of their children. Government officials are also among the group who suffer, as evidenced by the number of reported suicide cases.
As to the cause of the disorder, some experts suggested that China’s rapid growth, which has caused serious social changes over the past 30 years, was the problem; some claimed that, with regard to the middle and lower income classes, the cause was an inadequate livelihood and social injustice; others suggested that a lack of spiritual belief and the worship of money were the main contributors. The results of one survey, for example, showed that over 50 percent of respondents believed that only money can buy happiness.

Source: Xinhua, October 21, 2011