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Senior Party Leader: There Must Not Be Any Social Unrest in Tibet

The Party leaders in Tibet met on February 7 to discuss stability issues. Qizala, the secretary of the Lhasa municipal committee of the Communist Party of China, and the top Communist Party official in Lhasa, warned that departments at all levels in the city must not relax their vigilance and must attach paramount importance to their readiness to fight. “The situation of maintaining stability remains grim with unpredictable variables. (We) should be vigilant and ready to fight. Keep in mind that Lhasa must not have any incidents and that we cannot afford to have any incidents in Lhasa. Be mentally prepared for a protracted battle; (we must) resolutely align our thinking and action with the deployment and requirements of the Stability Command of the Autonomous Region. (We must) mobilize all resources, do a solid, good job of maintaining stability during this sensitive period of time, and actively create a festive, peaceful, and celebratory Tibetan New Year to ensure no incidents occur in Lhasa.”

Source: China Tibet News reprinted by Guangming Daily, February 8, 2012.