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Police Use Tear Gas to Suppress Protesters in Hainan

According to Hong Kong’s Apple Daily, tens of thousands of villagers from the town of Ying Ge Hai in Hainan Province marched on the streets on March 10, 2010, to stop the opening ceremony of a thermal power station. Ying Ge Hai is famous for its salt fields and its fishing industry. These are the major sources of income for at least 20,000 villagers. Fearing the environmental and air pollution to the area, the villagers have resisted the power plant proposal since last December. However, the authorities have still gone ahead with the plan. On Saturday March 10, the protesters marched to the village office building and demanded that the authorities cancel the opening ceremony. The police force was on the scene and used tear gas to stop the protesters from entering the building. The police besieged and blockaded the entire village, arresting at least 20 protesters. The related online postings were taken down almost as soon as they were posted.

Source: Wen Xue City, March 12, 2012