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Xinhua: Say No to Rumors

Following the shutdown of websites in China and the arrest of Chinese Internet users for allegedly fabricating or disseminating online rumors, state media continue to publish commentaries that show the authorities have a deep apprehension about online postings pertaining to Communist Party leaders. For example, a People’s Daily commentary states, “If we allow ‘the rumors’ to run amok, it will seriously disrupt the social order and stability and endanger social integrity.” Xinhua’s  commentary, titled “Resolutely Say ‘No’ to Rumors and Their Followers,” states that those who fabricate or spread rumors are not law-abiding. “Making ‘jokes’ about important matters of social security and stability demonstrates a lack of responsibility toward society and toward themselves. It is very harmful.”

People’s Daily, March 31, 2012
Xinhua, April 1, 2012