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More on Corrupt Officials Who Have Secretly Obtained Foreign Citizenship

People’s Daily published an article revealing more information on corrupt government officials’ new tactics. The article reports that corruption remains rampant and that some corrupt officials have obtained dual nationality in secret [in case the need it]. It summarized the changes in the style, characteristics, and means of corruption that officials have been using: First is mortgaging their power for personal gain. In order to hide the evidence of corruption, some corrupt officials have carefully planned the timing of exchanging power for money, waiting for years before harvesting the fruits of their corrupt acts. Second is illegally collecting wealth indirectly through a third party such as a spouse, child, sex partner, friends, or relatives They have even designated third person to harvest the gains through engaging in business activities. Third is using a more intelligent way to counter anti-corruption. Many officials conducting illegal activities hide their bribes by using the name of a joint investment, money management under trustees, and trading stocks through agents. Fourth is using their overseas connections as their base for corruption. Some corrupt officials commit their crimes outside of China’s borders, or move the proceeds of their criminal activities overseas. Some have even used different means to secretly acquire citizenship in foreign countries.”

Source: People’s Daily, April 11, 2012