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Pregnant Chinese Women Go to the U.S. and Canada to Give Birth

Since the Hong Kong Government made the decision to stop giving permanent residency status to babies born to parents who are not local, more and more pregnant women from mainland China have been coming to the United States and Canada to give birth. Many of them are the mistresses of rich people.They pay as much as 200,000 RMB ($31,507 U.S. dollars) in fees to the maternity center. They can thus obtain citizenship in Canada or the U.S. for their children and eventually for themselves and avoid the heavy fines incurred in China for having more than one child or for having a baby out of wedlock.

According to Yang Haifeng, an immigration consultant in Toronto, because of the precarious political situation in China, many wealthy Chinese want to transfer their assets abroad through their wives, mistresses and children who have foreign residency status. One Chinese maternity center in Toronto is already fully booked for this year.

Source: Mingpao, May 24, 2012