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A Hong Kong Official Questioned the Cause of Li Wangyang’s Death

While officials and the media in mainland China made no mention of the death of pro-democracy activist Li Wangyang, all walks of life in Hong Kong placed a continued focus on the truth of Li Wangyang’s “suicide,” urging the Chinese authorities to investigate the (real) cause of his death. Chow York, Hong Kong’s Food and Health Secretary, was the first official who questioned the death of Li Wangyang.

Over the past weekend, thousands of people participated in a demonstration, demanding a thorough investigation into Li Wangyang’s death. More than a dozen political parties and civil societies initiated a signature campaign on the streets and online.

(Ed: Li Wangyang allegedly hung himself. Li was an activist who spent 22 years in jail for taking part in the 1989 Tiananmen protest. As he was deaf, bind, and disabled, many doubted it was even possible for Li to hang himself.)
Source: BBC Chinese Edition, June 12, 2012