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BBC Chinese Edition: Continuous Protests in Chongqing û Indication of Chinese Jasmine Revolution?

In April 2012, the Chinese armed police crushed a sudden protest in Wansheng District of Chongqing City that occurred in response to a merger of their district with a nearby poor county (Qijiang). Residents of the Wansheng District continued to have daily peaceful walking protests. Around June 4, 2012, thousands of residents in the former Shuangqiao District in Chongqing started blocking streets to protest the government’s delayed and sharply decreased compensation and the lack of welfare benefits that the authorities had promised before the government confiscated their farmland.

The police have violently beaten the protesters. Seven or eight hundred people have been injured and at least five people (including a pregnant woman) have died. As the repression against the demonstrators continues, the nature of the demonstrations may change from general economic aspirations into dissatisfaction with the Chinese Communist regime and system, similar to the outbreak of the "Jasmine Revolution" in Tunisia, North Africa.

Source: BBC Chinese Edition, June 12, 2012