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A Crisis Looms in China: Too Many Males

Wang Xia, head of the National Population and Family Planning Commission, stated that the male-to-female ratio in China started to narrow in 2009 and declined to 117.78 in 2011 (117.78 males to every 100 females). He said that the decline is limited. As the ratio is over a dozen points above normal, the task to stabilize the ratio remains daunting.

A natural gender ratio at birth could be somewhere between 103 and 107 males to every 100 females. As a result of the one child government policies, China’s male-to-female birth ratio has hovered at a high level, reaching a record high of 120.56 in 2008. Xinhua reported that, according to official statistics, males under the age of 30 exceed females by more than 20 million. 

Source: Xinhua, June 21, 2012