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China Youth Daily: Research Shows 54 Percent of Doctors Take Rebates

China Youth Daily recently reported that, based on research numbers cited by senior officials from the Chinese Medical Association, 54 percent of doctors have received “rebates” and 39 percent have accepted “conference sponsorship” from drug companies. The Medical Association called for higher moral standards in the medical profession. Statistics showed that, over the past five years, tension between doctors and patients has intensified. In the last five years, the percentage of cases that involve doctors being attacked has increased from 3.7 percent to 4.5 percent. The media has reported a large number of scandals involving doctors. Many doctors blame the government for dictating that the prices they charge for their medical services must remain at a very low level; the pricing does not offer them an opportunity to recover the cost of entering and sustaining their specialty in the medical profession. 
Source: China Youth Daily, November 3, 2012