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China’s Third Mass Emigration: The Wealthy Are Leaving China

On November 27, 2012, published an article providing detailed information about  China’s Third Wave of Mass Emigration. The first emigration wave, in the early 1980s, was the wave for studying overseas for higher degrees. The second wave, in the 1990s, was the emigration of professionals. In recent years, most emigrants have been the newly rich Chinese, who use investments to migrate to other countries. Some of them are entrepreneurs whose purpose is to protect their wealth. Others are CCP officials who escaped from China with huge amounts of public funds. In addition, the family members of many business owners and CCP officials live overseas. According to a report released by the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, at the present time, “about 45 million Chinese live in different countries around the world.”

The article stated, “When those with money leave, they can only take their wealth with them. However, the damage when officials emigrate is much greater. They not only take away their wealth, but also rob and poison this country.”

Source:, November 27, 2012