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Beijing Court Sentenced Local Government Detention Guards for Illegal Detention

For the first time, a Beijing Chaoyang District court issued a decision on guards who detained petitioners illegally. It sentenced 10 local government detention guards to prison terms on charges of illegal detention.

Last May, the Beijing police arrested 10 persons at a location where the Liaison Office of Henan Province had detained 12 petitioners from Henan because they had came to Beijing to appeal their grievances to the central government. On September 24, 3012, a court in the Beijing Chaoyang District held its first hearing. The second hearing was held on November 27, 2012, where the three juvenile suspects were tried. The court met for the third time on November 28, 2012, for the trial of the seven adults. The court issued its decision that same day. It sentenced the lead suspect to prison for a term of one and a half years and the remaining nine to prison for terms of different lengths, all on charges of illegal detention.  

Source:, November 28, 2012