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Woman Petitioner Detained in a Mortuary for 3 Years; Now a Paraplegic

Departments of the local government detained Chen Qingxia, a resident of Yichun City in Heilongjiang Province, in an abandoned mortuary for 3 years because she persisted in petitioning the higher level government. After her story was exposed on January 24, 2013, people throughout society discussed it. 

Reporters from China Youth Daily learned that the room where Chen had been detained was guarded 24/7. A surveillance camera was installed on one side of the door and the rear window was fitted with iron railings. The guards told the reporter that these bungalows were part of a former mortuary used for the storage of bodies and wreaths. 
Chen Qingxia was a paraplegic, wearing diapers all the time. According to Chen herself, the condition came about because the beatings at the detention center injured her legs. 
An eyewitness told reporters that many people had seen Chen Qingxia lying in the rain in front of the detention center. Now however, few people dare to come forward to testify. “Her issue is quite serious. However, if neighbors or friends get involved in her matter, the Public Security Bureau will come after them, so nobody dares to do anything." 
Source: China Youth Daily, January 25, 2013